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Roofing Inspections

Here at True South Roofing & Solutions, we offer free roofing inspections. No hidden fees, no unexpected costs. So many homeowners delay in contacting roofing companies because they dread the expense; with us, we provide a detailed inspection and free estimate---all on your time. It's that easy. Our roofing professionals will thoroughly evaluate all elements of your roof to provide a clear understanding of the work involved, the timeframe, and an estimate for labor and materials. We pride ourselves on being professional and transparent with our customers because that’s just how we do business.


Leave it to True South Roofing & Solutions to tackle all your roofing repair needs. First, our experts perform thorough roofing inspections to assess which areas need attention or if you require a new roof entirely. From there, we get to work. We can't stress the importance of routine inspections and repairs. Even replacing shingles and simple patchwork saves homeowners money down the line, avoiding more costly roofing repairs in the future. We can repair damaged or missing shingles, patch and seal areas of your roof that are leaking, and so much more! You name it, and we're on it!

Roofing Replacements

With years of experience, we're the guys you want to call when you need a new roof. We begin by determining what your home qualifies for: a full roof replacement or partial roof replacement. So, what’s the difference? A full roof replacement means we install an entirely new roofing structure. In many cases, we assist homeowners in selecting a new roofing type. Common roofing materials include asphalt shingles, metal, and tiles; we’ll work with you on determining which material would be best for your home. Partial roof replacement means we only replace damaged sections of your roof. Our professional roofers will assess which areas of your roof require replacement and get to work!

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